Help Needed!

You are a developer: you can help us developing new Islamic software to include in Sabily. For example: Hisn Al-Muslim (a software that displays Dua’s (supplications)) or Muallim (a Quranic Arabic teaching tool), and we have ideas to develop Islamic educational software for kids.

You are a graphic designer: you can help us by designing new themes for Sabily (desktop theme, Firefox theme, wallpapers etc.), create new banners to spread Sabily or design pictures for our software.

You have ideas to improve Sabily: they are welcome!

You can share your Internet bandwidth: download the Sabily files using torrent and seed them so downloads will be faster.

You can make a donation or become a sponsor: your money will help us sending free DVDs to people who can’t download them or afford them.

Help us improving Sabily and spreading it all over the world!


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